A company 

that will simplify 

your workflows

Batch scheduling made easy



Scheduling & Controlling application

The heart of your operation

Company vision

Simplicity all the way!

‘Life is too short for bad coffee´! (D. Lewinsky)


Product vision

We design products to the financial industry: 

Banks, Asset Managers & Fund Companies

Easy & fast






& easy


Ease of use

‘Apple Like’

Fast time

to market


Little need

for support

Product key features

Simple, simple, simple - Super intuitive UI

Plenty ‘out of the box’ functionality

  • Intuitive setup & monitoring dashboards.
    Full audit trail. 


  • FlightPlan is a living application!!
    Strong User Community constantly
    pushing for new features


  • All coded in C#, Oracle database


  • No legacy traps: No slow down with
    development because of cut to IT-budget or
    risk related to specific developers


  • Short turn around time for new features.
    All covered by your subscription fee.
    No extra bills (except for ‘special plugins’
    outside the core scheduling scope)

Out of the box

Easy to build batch workflows including dependencies

Full support for SimCorp Dimension, Portman, SAS, exe & bat files

Entitlement system 


Full audit trail embedded in the UI

Building strong

With you:

Besides FlightPlan, we are reaching out to you,
offering to re-work and re-skin in-house build applications. Industrialize these applications based
on partnership agreements.


With strategic IT-partners:

Currently, we have serious conversations with
two major world wide players in the Financial IT-space,

considering to lift out part of our value chain.

Commercial model

Price list

(regardless of number of users, 
processes, cores, your shoe size or whatever)

Initial Business Unit: EUR 3.000 per month  

Extra Business Units: EUR 2.000 per month

Group license: EUR 9.000 per month

(regardless of numbers of Business Units)

Installation & PoC-migration for free (max 50 jobs)

POC period: one month for free (full walk away clause)

Outside Copenhagen: Plus reasonable travel costs


Professional services

  • PoC migration: For free (max 50 jobs)

  • Production migration: Subject to negotiation


  • Health Check Service: EUR 160 per hour 
    I.e. clean up job name nomenclature & job documentation. Rearranging dependencies & house keeping


  • Outside Copenhagen: Plus reasonable travel costs

Come and Go terms

We will always insist on a POC-period of one month, free of charge

We simply need to know that you like our product

When in production: Termination period is one month

 If you disagree to our value proposition, you are free to go.
We don’t want unhappy customers.

Roadmap for 2018

For FlightPlan

Our first priority: Customer driven requests for features

Our own strategic Road Map:

  • Handshake

  • Develop apps for Apple & Android

  • Enrich the ‘job-dependencies-designer’
    - strong graphical support

  • Enrich with dashboards for Statistics & KPIs

  • Additional eye candy in the UI

  • Full support for more asset management systems
    (at first: Summit and Portman)


  • Go with the Sun - full calendar coverage

A firm handshake

Meet the Founders of hubahuba

Jacob Wahlers



+45 20 68 76 00

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Martin Lind Gregersen



+ 45 23 74 50 77


  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Alberte Wahlers 



+45 27 10 25 96

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

hubahuba IVS - Birkevænget 14, 3050 Humlebæk